Sunday, January 15, 2012

My baby is impressed by Kershaw's big hands!

Clayton and Ellen Kershaw are in a three day book tour around Los Angeles to sign their book titled "Arise". Click here to view all locations.

I wasn't planning on going to this event. My plan was to go to the Calvary Chapel in Gardena but some stuff came up and I decided to go to Porter Ranch to meet the Kershaw's at a Ralph's Market. I do feel a little sad that I couldn't go to the Calvary Chapel because it was going to be more of a personal event where the Kershaw's will speak about their experience in Africa.

The book signing at Ralph's was to start at 1 pm. I arrived at 11:45 a.m. with my wife and seven month old son. To my surprise, only about ten fans were in line. Ralph's had a few racks filled with "Arise" books. They were 40% off if you had a Ralph's card. I don't have a Ralph's card but the employee still let me get it at their special price. Suggested retail price is $17.99. Got them for around $10 bucks each. Great deal!

Outside Ralph's.


Two books -


The setup. One table where Clayton and Ellen will sit.


Someone asked me if this was my son's first autograph event. I said yes. I lied! I forgot that I had previously took him to another autograph event. That was at the L.A. Fair last September. {linked here}



The one hour wait went by quickly. It's great meeting so many fans that read this blog and approach me to say hello. It's kinda embarrassing for me and sometimes I don't know how to react towards you. I don't want you to think I'm being a jerk or I don't want to talk. I do appreciate the greetings and it gets me happy to know that you are reading and enjoying the blog. Thanks!

Kershaw arrived around 12:45 p.m.


The Kershaw's couldn't be anymore nicer. Especially Ellen. I told her I've been reading her blog {linked here} and enjoyed the pictures from Africa. She thanked me. Check out that employee behind Ellen. He was impressed by what my son was saying.


My son has been clapping lately and looking at his own hands and everyone else. I think here in this picture, my son is impressed by Clayton's big hands. If you didn't notice, he doesn't have any shoes on like the other picture. He just takes them off. :)

Clayton Kershaw

The autograph -


I want to thank Ellen, Clayton, Ralph's Market and everyone for a really organized event. Looking forward to read the book.

Did you go today? Or you're planning on going Monday or Tuesday? Send me pictures! I'll post them later this week.


Michael said...

Your baby is so cute. What a blessing. Thanks for sharing your story. Seems like Ellen and Clayton are great people.

ANDY! said...

Now that's an AWESOME picture!!! Thanks for the info on this event;) and Like you I plan on taking my son to Monday's signing at Costco.... Keep all the great blogging up!!!!! ;)

Roberto Baly said...

@ Michael - Thanks for the kind words. :)

@ Andy - Thanks. Good luck tomorrow! :)

Cindy said...

Hi Roberto- went to the church- it was a full house, and we were told the church seats 1800. There may have been more in overflow. Was nice to hear them talk, and gave us a little insight into the Kershaws. Ellen seems like she is really a sweetheart. Glad we got the book earlier at the market, because it was full price at the church, and I think everyone got in line to have one signed. I would have liked to get a photo with them, but from where we joined the line it would have been 2 to 3 hours or more. I'll send you a couple of photos. I'm glad we went to both places.

Luis Santoyo said...

I'll be going to the Barnes & Noble event. I'm excited! And who knew Ellen Kershaw was so beautiful? :O