Thursday, January 12, 2012

Josh Macciello is serious about purchasing the Dodgers

Even after a week when I e-mailed Josh Macciello {linked here} asking him "Are you for real?", he still stays in touch.

He wants you to check out a YouTube video and his website. {linked here}

Ramona Shelburne of ESPN L.A. has written a great article on Macciello. Read it all, it's very entertaining. Plus she mentions this site and Macciello already had a meeting with Tommy Lasorda. {linked here}

Video -



Hideo Nomo said...

Being serious and SAYING you're serious are two VERY different things.

Alfredo Ortega said...

Dude, Being a Marlins fan and loving my team.... I have to say I'm a huge fan of Josh and i really hope he pulls this off and buys the Dodgers!!

It's like rooting for the underdog, he has the passion and heart and i wouldn't like anything more that for him to win!!

I'm on team Josh, dude!!


kostco said...

I heard that same radio interview and loved the guy. After reading the Ramona Shelbourne article I still like him: the tattoo, gray pointed beard, the rocky balboa shirt all scream stereotypical LA to me (but maybe in a sense stereotypical NYC). What worries me are these gold mines...who values them, how do they value the gold, and how do they predict future price? So if its current market value of gold he's doing decent. If the US starts printing cash to alleviate debt, he's worth incredibly more.

He probably won't get a chance because 1) he's not a baseball insider and 2) I think somebody will realize his net worth is far too dependent on an extremely volatile commodity which could make him even more rich in the next year, or considerably less. My bet is he'll be worth more in the next couple years, but that's another discussion.