Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fat contract for Prince Fielder!

Wow! Fat contract for Prince Fielder, who will be signing with the Detroit Tigers pending a physical.

9 years - $214 million!

I'm just glad Fielder has signed so we can stop with the Fielder to Dodgers rumors.

Good luck in Detroit Prince.


MarcoS. said...

Spending this offseason is too absurd. It's nice to see teams other than the Yankees and the Red Sox go after these guys, but there is a reason why the Sox and the Yanks usually go after these type of players. The Tigers, the Marlins and the Angels have invested into a lot of risk with small chance of reward, and I wouldn't be totally surprised if one of these teams end up going through what we are going through right now in LA or what the Mets are going through in NY.

skewd6 said...

I agree. Have to admit I had my hopes up but didn't think it would happen. Glad to see he is going to the team his old man played for and the team he grew up rooting for. He deserves that