Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dodgers were after Prince Fielder

Really? Who knows if this is true or not.

From Jon Heyman of CBS Sports - {linked here}

Although they managed to stay under the radar all the while, the Los Angeles Dodgers pushed hard for weeks to try to sign Prince Fielder and thought for a while they might have a legitimate shot at their own secret signing. The Dodgers were a surprise entrant in the sweepstakes, making a major push to sign the star slugger with an offer that guaranteed him seven years but provided a sweet four-year opt-out. And for a couple weeks, they looked like a real possibility for Prince.

The Dodgers surely gave a spirited effort to secure Fielder, even flying to meet with him at an undisclosed neutral location a few weeks ago, but somehow managed to keep the entire undertaking under wraps, save for a few internet rumblings from fans speculating that they may have been a mystery team in the mix.

As it turned out, the Dodgers were merely the first mystery team. The second one, the Tigers, jumped in to win Fielder on a $214-million, nine-year deal several days after star hitter Victor Martinez suffered a knee injury that's expected to keep him out for the 2012 season.

The Dodgers' attempt at Fielder, with a high annual salary on the four years Fielder was guaranteed to be a Dodger and the always favorable player opt out, is believed to have put them among the final three teams in on Fielder, who agreed to the Tigers deal on Tuesday that was first reported by and announced today. The Nationals have said they were in on Fielder until the end, but the Dodgers were at least in the final three. The Dodgers only started to lose hope the final weekend when the Tigers' big bid materialized, people familiar with the negotiations told Danny Knobler of

The Dodgers' offer was said to have called for an average salary of about $26 million for the first four years and something in the low $20-million-range in the next three years. The bid was designed not to discourage Fielder from opting out and possibly moving to the American League where he could DH after the first four years. The total Dodgers deal was believed to have been worth in the low $160 millions.

I guess we will have to wait two years for Joey Votto!


Palazuelos Family said...

Votto will be too old by then. Fielder was the guy. @zuelos (twitter)

Dustin said...

I wonder if when Loney twittered this last week...

"Wow! We are really going to win a World Series this year!!!! Y'all better get ready!"

...he had just got off the phone with Ned. The conversation went something like this:

"Hey Jim! We're THIS close to landing Prince to play first base. Wonder if you'd be willing to give left field a try? Ya know, battle it out with Rivera for the starting role, or maybe Donnie will try a platoon. You can fatten up on right handed pitching before you hit free agency. Adding some defensive flexibility to your resume would help you too! Whaddya say?"

"Uh, yeah, man. Sure. I owe you the world for tendering me a contract this year after what I did on the 101 in my Maserati, so yeah let's go for it! You told TheRealMattKemp yet? Dude's gonna love this! World we come! Does this mean I can't go on those radio shows anymore to rap and swat bare bottoms with a toy bat?"

SteveC said...

Good luck in Detroit. That would have been a ton of $$ to add to the payroll, and 9 years by the Tigers is about 2-3 too many considering he will decline. Keep in mind w/ new ownership will bring in obviously more chedda for many top free agents for seasons to would have been nice, but oh well.