Monday, January 9, 2012

Do I sound scared when Tommy Lasorda tells me to back up?

Update - Click here for more pictures and videos.

It's the third day of the Dodgers Winter Development Program for 15 prospects. Media were invited to check out the workout and listen to Don Mattingly and Ned Colletti this morning.

I'll post pictures and videos later tonight. But here's one video....

Matt Wallach taking batting practice. I'm shooting and Tommy Lasorda tells me to back up.

Scared? Listen to my voice, I was shaking. I turned off the camera right away!



dirty swizzle said... were shaking in your boots. I'd be scared of Tommy too.

Unknown said...

Awww, he was just looking out for you, doesn't want a ball to come back and hit you. Also: He will kill you if you don't obey.

Pride of Dong said...

any chance fans could come this weekend? just sit in the bleachers?

Roberto Baly said...

@ dirty swizzle - Yes!

@ Unknown - lol

@ Central Valley Fan - I believe it's over by this weekend. And it's closed to the public.

raiders said...

Im sick of this old man

Your Coffee Drinking Devushka said...

He didn't sound mean. I think he didn't want you to get hurt. He knew the batter wasn't going to be hitting much other than foul balls! Lol

Johnny Blanchard said...

Please. Tommy's earned the right to do whatever he wants as long as he does it within reason. He has handled himself with aplomb. Thanks for all your cool stuff, Roberto.