Sunday, January 8, 2012

Clayton Kershaw hanging out with Cheetahs in Africa

The 2011 N.L. Cy Young winner hanging out with Cheetahs.

Clayton Kershaw (Red shirt) and his crew hanging out with a few Cheetahs in Livingstone, Zambia. It's been fun reading their blog about their trip to Africa.

They are coming back to the U.S.A. this Tuesday.

{Arise Africa}


White Devil said...

Notice how he is smart enough to be farthest away from the cats!

What is the old saying - I don't have to outrun the cheetah, I only have to outrun you!

ThinkingBlue said...

"Hey Kersh, what'd you do last winter?"

"Nothing much, win a Cy Young and hang with some cheetahs. You know, the usual."