Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Can Dee Gordon get into this list? L.A. Dodgers Single-Season Top 10 (Stolen Bases)

Dee Gordon stole 24 bases with the Dodgers last season. And that was in 56 games! Gordon will be the starting shortstop this year. If he's productive and plays everyday, how many bases can he steal?

I was curious to look at the record book to see what the Dodgers have done during a single season. I knew Maury Wills and Davey Lopes were going to be all over this but was surprised to see Eric Young. Forgot about him. Remember, Matt Kemp stole 40 last year.

Los Angeles (Brooklyn not included) Dodgers Single-Season top 10 (Stolen Bases)

1. Maury Wills 104 (1962)
2. Maury Wills  94 (1965)
3. Davey Lopes 77 (1975)
4. Juan Pierre 64 (2007)
5. Davey Lopes 63 (1976)
6. Davey Lopes 59 (1974)
7. Steve Sax 56 (1983)
8. Maury Wills 53 (1964)
9. Eric Young 51 (1999)
10. Maury Wills 50 (1960)

Wills is all over the Dodger record books. It's not crazy to think that Gordon can steal 50 bases this year and join this top 10 list, right?


ANDY! said...

I agree! If plays in at least a 100 games I can see him stealing 55-65 bases! If he plays in over 100 games he can reach over 70 stolen bases! ;)

Roberto Baly said...

I'm predicting 52 steals. :)