Friday, January 27, 2012

Aybar is more popular than Kemp.... Right?

I was at the Market last night. Checked out the magazines....

The first one just made me giggle. 2012 Lindy's Sports Baseball Preview. Erick Aybar is bigger than Matt Kemp?


Kemp and Cameron Maybin of the San Diego Padres get the small snapshots.

The 2nd one is the 2012 Major League Baseball Yearbook and Fantasy guide. Albert Pujols on the cover.

I didn't see this one.... {linked here}


Cirus Weatherbe said...

Just like the Puljos cover, maybe Aybar was all they could get to come in and pose for their magazine. It doesn't look like they cropped it from an actual game

MarcoS. said...

This reeks of Arte Moreno paid these publishers to showcase Angels players on their front covers. Who in their right mind would put Aybar over any Dodger player if the goal is to sell magazines? Dodger fans don't want it, and Angels fans will go after the Pujols cover.

Expect to see a lot more of this throughout the year. Moreno is going to spend every last penny he has to build up the Angels brand and try to muscle in on the Dodgers marketshare before the new owners take into affect.