Monday, December 12, 2011

Trent Oeltjen smashing the ball in Hermosillo, Mexico (In a video game too!)

Another Winter League update...

Trent Oeltjen is playing Winter Ball in Mexico for the Naranjeros.

The Naranjeros play in Hermosillo, Sonora, which is underneath Arizona. This is my mom's hometown. I've seen a few games in Hermosillo but not since my grandma passed away. I remember seeing Fernando Valenzuela pitch here six years ago.

Oeltjen arrived in Hermosillo after Thanksgiving. (Check out "Cerro de la Campana" Trent!)

He's having a successful start.

12 games -

.309 3 HR 9 RBI's. 29 Total Bases. .407 OBP/.592 SLG/.999 OPS {linked here}

Oeltjen has made it big in Mexico. He's in a video game already!

Oeltjen is #24 for the Naranjeros.

Video -

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G. Scott said...

Typical winter league umpire! Had his back turned on the play.