Friday, December 2, 2011

Report: Dodgers to sign Chris Capuano

Jim Bowden of ESPN is reporting that the Dodgers are about to sign 33 year old lefthander Chris Capuano in a two year deal worth $10 million. {linked here}

Yikes. I guess Hiroki Kuroda won't be here.

Your 2012 Dodgers pitching staff.

1. Clayton Kershaw
2. Chad Billingsley
3. Ted Lilly
4. Chris Capuano
5. Me. Yes, I will be pitching. Ned Colletti gave me a one year deal worth $900,000. A little bit more than Adam Kennedy.

I need to practice on my nasty Knuckleball pitch.  Where's Tom Candiotti to give me a few tips?

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cknerr said...

I wanted this guy 6 years ago, but not now. Hiro does seem to be out of the equation. Unless Ned is shopping Chad hard. If I were Ned, this would be my number one priority. Maybe get a reliever in return, and that should free up a ton of money for Hiro.