Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Like or Dislike? Dodgers hat w/ Yankees colorway

Like or dislike?

Just released. Los Angeles Dodgers hat with the New York Yankees colorway. Customized by HALL of FAME.



"Authentic Signings!" said...

It's aight. It is good for those who collect all color Dodgers caps as myself. As long as they don't wear it on the field.

Cirus Weatherbe said...

i don't really see it as a yankees hat. it just looks like a black dodgers hat. its meh, but i'll never wear anything but my dodger blue!

NSBZero said...

I've heard that the Yankees wear blue. I still don't believe it to this day. Since I was a kid, I just see black and white, the color having been drained out, the pinstripes being prison bars that keep their souls out (the players having sold their souls to become Yankees in the first place).