Friday, December 30, 2011

Have you heard of Sandy Braun?

I was going through my 2011 Baseball cards last night. I need to see what I need to get rid off via trade. While checking out this particular card of Sandy Koufax and Ryan Braun, I found the story in the back of the card very interesting.

Koufax/Braun Topps Card

This is a Topps card (DD-30) from the "Diamond Duos" series.

"Braun" was the family name of Sandy Koufax before his mother remarried, whereupon he took the surname of his stepfather. Linked by Jewish heritage if not blood, the two stars, also made names for themselves by accomplishing unprecedented feats. The Hall of Fame pitcher was the first man to toss four no-hitters, while Ryan set a Major League rookie record by slugging .634 in 2007.

I told you it was a interesting story. Sandy Koufax was born "Sanford Braun". Ryan's father is Jewish. So one can wonder if these two are related?

By the way, today is the birthday of Sandy! Happy Birthday Mr. Koufax!

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