Friday, December 23, 2011

A Dodgers Christmas Tree

The Dodgers posted a picture of this great Dodgers Christmas tree on Facebook. {linked here}

 They wrote the following:

Don't forget to submit photos of your Dodger holiday decorations. We could feature yours on, like the one here from a fan in Brea, CA.

I looked at it and the tree looked familiar. I've seen it before! But the Dodgers didn't post the name of the fan who owns this tree. Why?

Then I remembered my brother showed me a picture of his tree. And yes, he lives in Brea. I called him and asked him if the Dodgers posted his picture on Facebook. He said yes, this tree is his.

Cool, right?

Happy Holidays everyone!


Dusty Baker said...

I saw that - very cool that it's your bro's.

Our tree also has those "Hope" things hanging on it, symbolically.

Roberto Baly said...


Unknown said...

Hey Robert, Do you know where your brother got the L.A tree skirt????