Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dodgers Bobblehead News - Mini Bobbleheads? Interlock Bobbleheads?

I go to, I see this ad. I go to, I see this ad. I have also seen it a few times right here in this blog. It's obvious the Dodgers are banking on these Bobbleheads to bring fans in.

The Dodgers are currently selling a 10-Game Mini plan that features all 10 Bobbleheads.{linked here}

As it was reported a few weeks ago, the 9th Bobblehead is Sandy Koufax. The other nine Bobbleheads will be announced later.

I've been hearing the following -

You will see mini-Bobbleheads in this series. Remember I told you about interlocking Bobbleheads? You might see that in 2012. For instance, Dodgers might release a 4-mini Bobblehead set that features the great Dodgers infield of Steve Garvey, Davey Lopes, Bill Russell and Ron Cey. Each Bobblehead will be released at different dates. And then you interlock them together.

That's what I'm hearing. It's nothing official.

I'm just hoping that the Dodgers can convince Vin Scully to release a Bobblehead.

One more thing, don't expect players from the Brooklyn days. It's players that played at Dodger Stadium as part of the 50th anniversary.


MarcoS. said...

Not surprised to hear that considering we are getting 10 bobbleheads. I'm not sure if I brought this up before, but they did something similar to this in Milwaukee a few seasons ago with their legendary players. I have the Don Sutton bobblehead from that series, and it looks very similar to the bobbleheads we get here in LA in terms of look and quality, but in smaller scale of course. If people want to know what it looks like I can provide a comparison picture between my Sutton bobblehead and a normal size bobblehead, but I would say just by looking at it the smaller bobblehead seems like its at 1/2 the scale of a normal bobblehead.
I wouldn't call it mini but you can tell right away the difference in size.

I don't own the mini Matsui bobblehead they gave out in Anahiem a couple of seasons ago, but I have seen it and that also looks like it's made by the same manufacturer of the Dodgers bobbleheads. The Matsui bobblehead though does look smaller and appears not have as much quality as the Sutton bobblehead I own. If we do get these mini bobbleheads, I'm hoping we don't get bobbleheads to the quality Anahiem got with that mini bobble and we get mini bobbles more like to what the Brewers got.

I pray Koufax isn't a mini.

Dodgerbobble said...

I heard something about this a few days ago. The survey the team did a few months back alluded to it as well.

I think the interlocking bobbles and the mini bobbles are both good ideas. I do think ten is too many though. I guess it's better than too few bobbleheads though.

Let's all pray one of those ten is Vinny.