Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Clayton Kershaw is going to Africa on December 29

Clayton Kershaw and the Arise Africa organization is off to Africa on December 29 and will return on January 9.

Arise Africa Newsletter -

December is HERE!  We hope all of you have a great holiday season! Here are some quick December updates.

 Kershaw's Challenge is going fantastic!  We were so excited when Clayton won they Cy Young award in mid November!  It got Kershaw's Challenge a lot of great publicity!  We are WELL over our goal with our total fundraising at $112,932!  We are still getting donations in and this only helps us build a better home and be prepared and budget for important things such as medical costs and other things we will face with the kids move in the home.  We plan to look at architect plans in early January when we visit Zambia.  We hope to break ground on the building of the home in early February.
Our Arise Africa Christmas Catalog has been a GREAT success.  PLEASE consider giving if you haven't already and help us spread the word!  Please re post on your Facebook wall or email the catalog to friends.  It is easy to shop online and these gifts are ESSENTIAL to us helping kids throughout the year.  We can provide gift cards for you to give to a loved one in their honor.  Even a donation of $10 makes a MAJOR difference in a child's life in Africa.  We also have a few photo books left!  These are great Christmas presents and all the sales go to Arise Africa.

We are preparing for a big mission trip that we will take in just a few weeks.  We are partnering with PCPC Church and their college ministry in Dallas, Texas. Please pray for our trip and safety and that God blesses the kids and college students.  We will leave the USA on December 29th and return the 9th or so of January.  Please be prepared that we will also have 20 more children in our child sponsorship program that will need sponsors by mid January.

We are currently planning a mission trip for the last week of June to Zambia.  We will be holding a kid's Bible camp at some of our partnering community schools. Please email us if you are interested in participating.

We have also rented office space in Dallas and hired a part time employee starting in mid January.  YEA for growth and help!

We are so grateful for our partnerships and relationships we have built this year.  Arise Africa is growing and seeing the impact we are having in Zambia is very moving.  We are making a difference one orphan at a time.  We could not do ANYTHING without the support of so many generous donors.  We can't thank you enough for your prayers, support, and encouragement.

We have made a video that "Counts Our Blessings" from this past year that we would love you to watch.  Because NONE of this would have happened without you.

Please take a look!

Thanks again and God Bless!

In Him,

Alissa Hollimon

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