Saturday, December 3, 2011

Autographs: Tommy Davis & Lee Smith

Great morning/afternoon at Frank & Son Collectible Show. Hall of Fame Sports brought a nice event. Autograph guests included Tommy Davis, Carl Erskine, Fernando Valenzuela, Lee Smith and Bret Saberhagen. I only obtained autographs from Davis and Smith. I didn't need anything from the others since I have already met them before. I've already met Davis before too but I got him.

Before I tell you my little story....

It was nice meeting many Dodger fans that read this blog. I appreciate all the kind words and glad you are enjoying my site. I mean it, thank you! A few of you were making fun of me because I haven't gone out to get autographs like the old days. But let's be honest, there hasn't been anything that good for me. You have to remember that I've been doing this for years and it's always the same guys signing. I usually don't go again unless I have something new.

First up was Davis. He was signing for free. I took advantage of the free signing and got him to sign that big Topps card that I told you about last Monday. {linked here}

It came out really nice! Davis was nice enough to write the following inscription - "Tommy Davis NL Batting Champ 1962 1963".

I believe the man on the left is more popular than Mr. Davis.


Davis signing my baseball card. I'm a bit surprised that Davis is not wearing a Hawaiian shirt.


Check it out -


After Davis, it was Smith. He was scheduled to sign at 12pm so I had to wait for a while.

Big Lee Smith -


8x10 picture with the inscription "478 Saves".


Big thanks to Davis, Smith and Hall of Fame Sports!


Dodgerbobble said...

Both autos came out great!

BTW, keep up the great work Roberto, all of us Dodger fans sure appreciate it!

Roberto Baly said...

Thanks dude!