Thursday, November 17, 2011

Video: Clayton Kershaw's First Career Strikeout

All about Clayton Kershaw today. N.L. Cy Young award announcement coming up later today.

Let's go back to May 25, 2008. Kersaw's first career strikeout was against Skip Schumaker of the St. Louis Cardinals.

This video has over 20,000 views. Taken by "FalseRallyHope".

Check out Baseball Reference for the play by play of that game. {linked here}


Quik said...

Hey Roberto, Joseph here.

I actually took this video! I posted it under a pseudonym back when I was a regular poster on the Dodger Blues forums and everyone used fake names. Mine was actually FalseHopeRally, named for those ninth inning rallies the Dodgers like to do that fall just short. :)

Can't believe I never sent it to you sooner... guess I never thought about it! There's also another video I posted of his very first bullpen session, but it doesn't have quite as many views.

Anyway, thanks for posting it!

@Jrrific said...

why did he change his number?