Saturday, November 12, 2011

Venezuela Winter League Update - Plus thoughts on Wilson Ramos

First of all, glad to hear that Wilson Ramos of the Washington Nationals was rescued yesterday in Venezuela. After being kidnapped a few days ago, the government of Venezuela was able to rescue him.

Here is a video of the press conference of Ramos thanking everyone. It's in Spanish. He still plans on playing Winter Ball in Venezuela and is not planning on leaving the country yet. Ramos said those that took him away knew a lot about his personal life and were not citizens from Venezuela and instead it looked like it was a gang from Colombia. They asked for money for his liberty. Four suspects have been arrested after a gun fire against the National Guard. Other four are missing.

This is great news for Ramos and the Washington Nationals but from reading YouTube and blog comments from Venezuela, many folks are upset at President Hugo Chavez. They feel that because it was a professional player, the government brought all their resources to rescue him while other citizens are still missing.

Winter League Update with two Dodgers -

Ronald Belisario (Bravos de Margarita) has steady numbers. 10 games - 4 saves 2.61 ERA

Scott Van Slyke (Tiburones de La Guaira) is struggling. 20 games - .194 1 HR 9 RBI's.

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