Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sandy Koufax surprises fantasy camp attendees

Back in April I posted details on a Fantasy Camp that was going to be held in Vero Beach, Florida. Yes, at the original "Dodgertown". {linked here}

It's a week long (November 6-12) camp that features many ex-Dodgers. You're living in Dodgertown and act like a ballplayer. The cost is nearly $4,000 but I'm sure it's well worth it.

Coaching Staff: Ricky Monday, Steve Yeager, Jery Reuss, Jeff Torborg, Tommy John, Tommy Davis, Bill Russell, Ron Cey, Dave Wallace, Lenny Harris, Ramon Martinez.

No mention of Sandy Koufax. But he shows up at the fantasy camp!

I received these pictures and videos from a reader that attended this camp. He wishes to remain anonymous.

Pictures of Koufax -

Video #1 - In this clip you will see Sandy Koufax talking to the players that attended the camp. You will also see ex-Dodgers Jerry Reuss, Tommy Davis and Bill Russell.

Video #2 - I might be wrong. But isn't this Frank Howard talking to Koufax? But then again, why is he wearing a Yankees jersey? I will ask.

Video #3 - Koufax talking to Tommy Davis and taking a picture with a fan. Don't pay attention to the guy getting a massage in the background.

Great videos!

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Evan Bladh said...

Wow, now I'm really mad I didn't go this year.