Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ryan "Hebrew Hammer" Braun

Ryan "Hebrew Hammer" Braun.

Pix taken a few years ago during the World Baseball Classic tournament. I'm upset that Matt Kemp didn't win the MVP award but I knew it was going to go to Braun.

Check out Braun's current contract with the Brewers. Yeah, ten more years until he's a free-agent.

Year Age
201228Milwaukee Brewers$6,000,000

201329Milwaukee Brewers$8,500,000

201430Milwaukee Brewers$10,000,000
201531Milwaukee Brewers$12,000,000
201632Milwaukee Brewers$19,000,000
201733Milwaukee Brewers$19,000,000
201834Milwaukee Brewers$19,000,000
201935Milwaukee Brewers$18,000,000
202036Milwaukee Brewers$16,000,000
202137Milwaukee Brewers*$20,000,000

Ryan Braun

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