Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pictures & Videos: Clayton Kershaw's Press Conference

A few videos and pictures from today's press conference at Dodger Stadium to celebrate Clayton Kershaw's Cy Young award.

Sunset and Elysian Park. Sorry, terrible pix. Taken while driving. How did the Dodgers get this billboard up today? And when did it go up? This was taken at 1pm. Right before the press conference.


I arrived at Center Field entrance. The press conference was being held on the field. I was surprised to see many Dodger fans. I didn't know that the Dodgers invited season ticket holders to the press conference. Classy move Dodgers! Oh, and they gave the fans Kershaw Bobbleheads!


Diamond Vision


Fernando Valenzuela & Don Newcombe


I was surprised to see Vin Scully!

Video -

Clayton Kershaw


Ellen Kershaw and Vin Scully hearing Clayton.


Video - Kershaw talking to the fans/media.

1981, 1956 and 2011 Cy Young winners!


Newcombe & Maury Wills


Clayton, Logan White & Ellen


Gary Miller of KCAL 9 interviewing Kershaw.


Beto Duran of ESPN interviewing James Loney.


Matt Kemp


Another video of Kershaw -



Kershaw said he will be going to Africa after Christmas and arrive in mid January. He's also planning on releasing a book in January titled "Arise". It's a book about his career and his charity work in Africa.

I have another video where Kershaw talks a little bit about Sandy Koufax. I'll post that tomorrow morning.


CincoSeisDos said...

Somewhat bummed that in all the photos i've seen of the Kershaw presser yesterday, that I don't see a single one with Gagnes cutout amongst the CYA winners.

The man won the award, whether you agree or disagree with the steroid thing doesn't take that away...

Josh S. said...

They must have put that billboard up just before the press conference. I can confirm that it was different yesterday morning. I drive down Elysian Park every day on my way to work. (I route my commute by the stadium to save time.)

In the morning, it was just a regular billboard of Kershaw, but it had also been defaced with tagging.

The funny thing is, I didn't look at the billboard THIS morning, so I didn't see they had changed it.

DDGRDUG said...

CincoSeisDos: I was thinking the same thing. Where is Gagne's cutout? Roberto, did they have one for him?

Roberto Baly said...

Hey guys, yes there was a Eric Gagne cutout. I thought I had shot a picture of that but it seems I missed. I just checked my disk. I apologize. But they did had all the former Dodger Cy Young winners pictured.