Monday, November 14, 2011

No big announcement from Matt Kemp in Compton

"Hey Kids! I'm here to announce that I have signed a contract extension with the Dodgers".


No, it didn't go like that. 

The Dodgers held a press conference in Compton earlier this afternoon to dedicate a new Dodgers Dreamfield at Mona Park. It was announced that Matt Kemp and Frank McCourt were to attend. Since news broke this morning that the Dodgers and Kemp were close on getting a mega deal done, most thought the Dodgers were going to announce this great news in Compton.

Didn't happen like that. No announcement was made but Kemp said a deal is close and he wants to stay in Los Angeles. I'll have pictures and a few videos later tonight.

Even though no announcement was made today, I have a feeling it will be made officially very soon. Wouldn't be surprised if it's sometime this week.

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