Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My suggestions for next year's Bobbleheads

Got plenty of comments yesterday in regards to the Dodgers giving out ten (yes, 10!) bobbleheads next year. Read the comments here.

Since suggestions were being made in that thread, I'll tell you what I want.

The Dodgers say that Sandy Koufax is part of the upcoming "Dodger Stadium Greats Bobbleheads" series.

So let me tell you the other nine bobblehads that I would like to see next year.

But first....

This series is celebrating Dodger Stadium. It's "Dodger Stadium Greats Bobbleheads". You won't see any players from Brooklyn.

Of course, I have to say Vin Scully is the top choice. It won't happen though. You will have to convince Scully. Click here to read details on the bobblehead and click here on why you might not see a Scully bobblehead. Oh, and click here to read why that Scully bobblehead exists.

I'm still picking Scully. Maybe the Dodgers can find a way to convince him and tell him the fans would really appreciate it!

Koufax and Scully. Here are the rest....

In no particular order.

Walter Alston
Davey Lopes
Manny Mota
Mike Scioscia
Orel Hershiser
Kirk Gibson
Mike Piazza
Hideo Nomo

I know most of you will disagree with my picks. I didn't pick Fernando Valenzuela, Tommy Lasorda, Steve Garvey and Ron Cey because to be honest I'm tired of them. :)

Lasorda already has two bobbleheads. Valenzuela has three!

I don't care that Gibson and Scioscia are current managers. I think it would be cool for them to get one. I know Gibson has one already but he needs one to commemorate the 1988 World Series. And how about Scioscia? He needs one!

I couldn't find room for Don Drysdale, Maury Wills, Bill Russell, Tommy Davis and Don Sutton. Sorry.

I didn't pick current Dodgers. Those are my choices. What are yours?


Dodgerbobble said...

I am gonna put my own prediction together as well.

Let me say, great picks. It's hard to disagree with any of them.

Vinny needs a bobblehead!

No more Fernando bobbleheads!

bansky said...

I say do the kirk & mike bheads when they play dbacks & angels. Thats be a great tribute to our champs IMHO.

Michael said...

It would be great to see a Hideo Nomo bobblehead.

Nomo, Piazza, Scully, Scioscia, Gibson....

"Authentic Signings!" said...

Great picks Roberto. Here are my choices:

Vin Scully
Walter Alston
Maury Wills
Manny Mota
Davey Lopes
Mike Scioscia
Orel Hershiser
Mike Piazza
Bill Russell
Hideo Nomo

Hope these do happen. Would be great to my collection.

Spencer Bruno said...

I think a mondesi and O'malley would be cool as well

jonathan said...

Mondesi left on bad terms so definatly no. But how bout a frank mccourt bobblehead and Jason schmit, Andrew Jones , Juan uribe another Manny bobblehead with him injecting himself

Spencer Bruno said...

It's Andruw...and Piazza didn't leave on bad terms? especially before the trade. Despite Mondesi leaving on bad terms, he was the first and only Dodger player to join the 30/30 club before Kemp did it this year. Won 2 Gold Gloves in LA and the 1994 ROY. When your one of only 11 players in MLB history to accomplish 30/30 twice in your career..thats saying something. I just think he would be an interesting one given he is apart of the 5 ROY's in-a-row by LA from 1992-'96

jonathan said...

First of all he wasnt significant enough for me to get his name right second I didn't say anything about piazza leaving on bad terms. And third of all as Nice as it would be to have a Mondesi bobble with all his accomplishments I'm pretty sure by trashing the club and demanding a trade kinda cuts ur chances of getting one

Joscar Joseph said...

Nancy Bea

Unknown said...

There already is a nomo , why not add Eric karros? He was a dodger for a decade

ddgrboy said...

Can we throw the names Shawn Green and Steve Finley into the mix? I loved as dodgers..=)

MarcoS. said...

Yeah Mondesi pissed on the ashes of the bridge he burned down. No way that guy is getting a Dodgers stadium giveaway bobblehead...ever.

I like most people picks. I picked Don Sutton for my Angels game bobblehead. It will be interesting to see if Kirk Gibson or Mike Sciocia okay a bobblehead to be given away on a day that their suppose play against the Dodgers.

I'm also for no more Lasrorda, Garvey, and for the love of God no more Fernando bobbleheads. Sadly though I feel they will give those people bobbleheads again because they are so popular.

Unknown said...

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