Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let's play softball!

A bunch of bloggers are getting together on February 11, 2012. We will be playing softball at the Big League Dreams in West Covina. This is being organized by Mike of "The Left Field Pavilion" blog.

I'm looking for 12 fun and positive players. I honestly don't care if you're not that great in softball. Let's just have some fun. Want to join my team? Register by clicking here.  

Or maybe you rather play for another blogger/team. That's cool too. :)

The details - {linked here}

Cost: $35 per Player

This tournament is open to EVERYONE who wants to play.*

Included are the following:
  • 3-Game Guarantee on Major League Baseball Replica Fields
  • Single elimination Playoff Games (for qualifying teams)
  • Tournament Director
  • Umpires
  • Softballs
  • Bracketing for all teams.
  • 1st Place trophy
  • 2nd Place plaque
  • 3 Large pizzas and 4 pitchers of soda per team.
The rules -

2012 Blogger Softball Tournament Rules - {linked here}

All teams must have a minimum of 12 players
All teams must have a minimum of 2 female players.
All teams must have at least 1 female player on the field at all times.
All players must be 18 years of age or older.
All team rosters must be submitted by January 28 2012
All player registrations must be submitted by and paid January 28 2012
No organized teams. This is for Dodger bloggers and their fans.
Any player with no association to a blog will be assigned a team.
Non associated players will be given three choices during registration. Every effort will be made to fulfill their requests.

This is all about having a day of fun among fellow Dodgers fans. Please remember that.

Any questions please feel free to contact Mike - thelfp.com@gmail.com

- - - - - - - -

Feel shy to e-mail Mike? Contact me at vinscullyismyhomeboy@gmail.com

By the way Mike, I dislike my logo. It's so plain buddy! :)

See ya in February!


M.Brown said...

I'll work on it.

MFGRREP said...

My daughter will be 17 and plays fastpitch softball in High School and on a Travel Team. If she's allowed to play I'll play.

DDGRDUG said...

I registered today for your team! Sounds like fun and I cant wait to rep your blog!!