Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dodgertown Links: Dodger Stadium, Loney, Hawksworth, Tamin

News around the web!

  • Molly Knight from ESPN the Magazine will talk about the Dodgers bankruptcy and impending sale at the L.A. Public Library tomorrow. {L.A. Public Library}
  • Interesting thoughts about Dodger Stadium and L.A. transportation. {Metro/The Source}
  • Patrick Soon-Shiong is the richest man in Los Angeles and he might be interested in buying the Dodgers. {Arash Markazi/ESPN L.A.}
  • Dodgers hire Alex Tamin as director of contracts, research and operations. {}

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MarcoS. said...

I agree Dodgers stadium needs more public transportation if it's going to survive far into the 21'st century, and it is going to take more than just a Red Line extension and Dodgers Stadium express inorder to get that done. I also agree with most people on the metro site that the sea of parking lots at Dodgers stadium is ugly now and is no longer relevant to the LA culture (which use to be a car culture).

The next 50 rennovation plan Frank McCourt came up with sounds like a good idea, but it doesn't address the traffic situation and the problems with the local community Dodgers stadium tends to have.

Many have suggested a Downtown stadium is now needed, but I also feel building a stadium Downtown might be inviting even worst traffic problems. Staples Center/Nokia Theater/LA Live can currently handle the traffic in that area because at worst there's probably 25K people in the area on a nightly basis. Imagine the Dodgers bringing another 40k+ on a nightly basis and your only means of getting to the ballpark is either the 10, the 110, or the blue line.

The article praised Petco Park for being built next to light rail line and a bus depot, but the thing is Petco doesn't draw 40k+ crowds a nightly basis. I have been to soldout games at Petco and the traffic situation might actually be worst than Dodgers stadium.

If the Dodgers are forced to get a new stadium the only place I can see them building it is directly next to Union Station, probably south of the station on the other side of the 101 where there's nothing but factories and strip clubs right now. Of course the area is going to need some sort of LA Live makover before that happens.

Either way I don't see the traffic situation improving no matter where Dodgers stadium is.