Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking News: Dodgers to give away 10 Bobbleheads in 2012!

10 Bobbleheads! Holy cow!

Sandy Koufax Bobblehead!

2012 Promotional Schedule

4/10     Opening Day, 50th Anniversary of Dodger Stadium

4/11    Clayton Kershaw Giveaway

4/13     Friday Night Fireworks

4/14     Replica Dodger Stadium             

4/15     Kids Jackie Robinson Sweatbands, Jackie Robinson Night,Viva Los Dodgers

Day, Kids Run the Bases

4/24     Fleece Item                               

4/27     Friday Night Fireworks

4/28     Dodger Stadium Greats Bobblehead #1

4/29     Kids Replica Jersey, Viva Los Dodgers Day, Kids Run the Bases

5/7       Cooler Bag       

5/11     Friday Night Fireworks                

5/13     Mother’s Day Tote Bag & Walk Around the Park

5/15     Dodger Stadium Greats Bobblehead #2

5/18     Friday Night Fireworks

5/20     Kids Item, Viva Los Dodgers Day, Kids Run the Bases

5/25     Friday Night Fireworks                

5/27     Viva Los Dodgers Day, Kids Run the Bases

5/28     Memorial Day - $1 Dodger Dogs             

5/29     Dodger Stadium Greats Bobblehead #3                                              

6/11     T-shirt

6/12     Dodger Stadium Greats Bobblehead #4                              

6/15     Friday Night Fireworks

6/17     Father’s Day Sports Bag & Postgame Catch

6/28     Dodger Stadium Greats Bobblehead #5

6/29     Friday Night Fireworks

7/1       Hello Kitty Giveaway, Viva Los Dodgers, Kids Run the Bases

7/3       Dodger Stadium 50th Anniversary LA Cap            

7/4       4th of July Fireworks

7/13     Friday Night Fireworks

7/14     Dodger Stadium Greats Bobblehead #6

7/15     Viva Los Dodgers, Kids Run the Bases                  

7/31     Dodger Stadium Greats Bobblehead #7                              

8/3       Friday Night Fireworks

8/5       Snapback Cap, Viva Los Dodgers, Kids Run the Bases

8/7       Dodger Stadium Greats Bobblehead #8  Sandy Koufax                            

8/21     Dodger Stadium Greats Bobblehead #9              

8/24     Friday Night Fireworks

8/26     Kids Back to School Backpack, Viva Los Dodgers, Kids Run the Bases

8/30     Dodger Stadium Greats Bobblehead #10            

8/31     Friday Night Fireworks

9/2       Viva Los Dodgers, Kids Run the Bases

9/3       Labor Day - $1 Dodger Dogs

9/4       Matt Kemp Replica Jersey         

9/13     Fleece Item

9/14     Friday Night Fireworks

9/16     Viva Los Dodgers, Kids Run the Bases

9/28     Friday Night Fireworks

9/29     La Gran Fiesta – Viva Los Dodgers

9/30     Fan Appreciation Day, Kids Run the Bases

10/2     Dodger Giveaway Night

For more information on 2012 giveaways and schedule, please visit


White Devil said...

Let's guess the 10 "Dodger Stadium Greats". I assume these will be players that may have already had (multiple) bobble head giveaways.

My guess:

1. Koufax
2. Fernando
3. Lasorda
4. Garvey
5. Cey
6. Lopes...hopefully!
7. Hershiser
8. Piazza
9. Mota...hopefully!
10. Gibson

I don't know the rules of using likenesses of retired players, so those rules could potentially alter who gets a bobble head.

I also included people players like Mota and Gibson because they were responsible for historic moments in the history of Dodger Stadium.

Aya K. said...

You forgot the Clayton Kershaw Giveaway day hahahah

Roberto Baly said...

@ White Devil - I like your choices. I will give you mines tomorrow!

@ itsayapapaya - Cool, thanks.

MarcoS. said...

First I must YEEAAAHHHH for Koufax bobblehead. I would say the Holy trinity of Dodgers is Scully, Robinson and Koufax. Finally one of those legends gets a bobblehead made of them that we can have (refrence to Vin Scully bobblehead).

I too agree with White Devil that odds are we will get 10 Dodgers greats that have played at Dodgers stadium through the years, which I very much perfer over getting another Ethier bobblehead and Juan Uribe getting the bobblehead treatment.

As much as I love the man, I don't really want another Fernando bobblehead. We already have 3 Fernando bobbleheads and one was just given out last season.

My guess is Lasorda will get a thrid treatment, and we will probably finally see Hershiser and Piazza get a Dodgers bobblehead made of them (at Dodgers stadium). I would love to complete the record breaking infield with Lopes and Russell, and would die if we got a Kirk Gibson '88 walkoff bobblehead.

DDGRDUG said...

I think they could also go with players representing each decade at Dodger Stadium. Here's my choices:
1960s:Sandy Koufax & Maury Wills
1970s:Garvey/Lopes/Cey/Russell or Tommy (pick any two)
1980s: Fernando for sure and either Gibson or Hershiser. I dont see Gibson getting another bobble though as he manages for the Diamondbacks now.
1990s: Strawberry (Ha! Just kidding) Piazza & Nomo
2000s and "future greats": Kershaw & Kemp
Sure, the last two would be a cop out of sorts, but I think this would be a cool way to do it.

DDGRDUG said...

Actually if Kemp wins MVP tomorrow, i could see the last two as bobbleheads holding their respective award trophies

Mr. H said...

Hello people!!!!! Drysdale

White Devil said...

I didn't include Drysdale because they had one back in 2004.

I know they have had a number of Fernando and Lasorda giveaways, too, but since they are two of the most popular ever, odds are they get one again.

I don't really expect Lopes and Mota (my two favorites as a kid), so i could see a Kershaw Cy Young and a Matt Kemp MVP (hopefully!) taking their places.

How popular would a Vin Scully bobblehead day be!!!

Just ordered 3 tix for each game for me and the kids. I wonder who will be in charge when I go to those games?

Mike Barnhill said...

Peewee Reese
Bill Russell
Ron Cey
Manny Mota
Pedro Guerrero
Eddie Murray
Sandy K

MarcoS. said...


If Kemp wins MVP I would love to see both him and Kershaw (Cy Young) combo into one bobblehead, similar to what the Mariners did for Ichiro and Ken Griffey Jr. who are future HOF.

I'm guessing the Dodgers will be doing something similar to what the Brewers did this season with bobbleheads that celebrate certain years and decades. So for example Koufax's bobblehead will celebrate his '63 season where he was Cy Young, NL MVP, and beat Whitey Ford twice in the World Series. Mike Piazza bobblehead (if they do it) will celebrate the 90's.

Michael said...


"Authentic Signings!" said...

They missed out on two greats. Walt Alston and Roy Campanella. That would be great too.

MarcoS. said...

@ Michael K. Smith

Ask and ye shall recieve...sort of.

P.S. - Hey look! A Steve Lyons Dodgers Bobblehead. ;)

MarcoS. said...

As I wrote earlier, I believe each bobblehead will celebrate a particular year or moment in each indivdual player's career.

Here are my predictions by indvidual game:

Saturday, April 28 (Vs. Nationals) - Vin Scully Bobblehead

Wednesday, May 15 (Vs. Diamondbacks) – Kirk Gibson Miracle World Series Walkoff (1988)

Tuesday, May 29 (Vs. Brewers) – Matt Kemp MVP & Clayton Kershaw Cy Young Duo Bobblhead (2011)

Tuesday, June 12 (Vs. Angels) – Don Sutton Bobblehead (1978)

Thursday, June 28 (Vs. Mets) – Mike Piazza Bobblehead (1997)

Saturday, July 14 (Vs. Padres) – Fernando Valenzuela No Hitter Bobblehead (1990)

Tuesday, July 31 (Vs. Diamondbacks) – Orel Hershiser Bobblehead (1988)

Tuesday, August 7 (Vs. Rockies) – Sandy Koufax Bobblehead (1963)

Tuesday, August 21 (Vs. Giants) – Steve Finley Divsion Winning Walkoff Bobblehead(2004)

Thursday, August 30 (Vs. Diamondbacks) – Tommy Lasorda World Series Trophy Bobblehead (1981)

Oh yeah you read that right. The fan poll along with a ownership change, the celebration of the 50'th, and the fact that the Dodgers need something to bring back some excitement and butts into the seats at Dodgers stadium; Vinny will finally cave in and have a bobblehead made of himself for a stadium giveaway. As much I feel people like: Walter Alston, Maury Wills, Davey Lopes, Bill Russell, Manny Mota, and Pedro Guerrero all derserve to have a bobblehead made of themselves, I feel they will be passed for more popular Dodgers Stadium legends like: Fernando(again), Lasorda, Gibson, and Piazza.

Most of my picks were made based on what I feel will bring more people to the ballpark. Hopefully we will get less repeats (kind of doubt it) and some of those more deserving legends who have yet to have a bobblehead made of themselves will get one this season

Unknown said...

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