Thursday, October 6, 2011

Watch all of Matt Kemp's 39 Homers (13 minutes long)

Last week I posted a video of Matt Kemp's 39 home runs in 39 seconds. A few hours after posting, MLB took it down claiming copyright issues.

Here's another video that I found on YouTube. It's all of Kemp's 39 homers but you will see it in it's entirety. It's 13 minutes long.

Not digging the music though. I'm getting old or what?

It is cool watching the last few homers where his mom is in attendance. 

Video -


etwardjetward said...

hey robert, i have a copy without the music if you want. im 'bout to upload it to youtube.

Sauerkraut said...

a dude falls from the LFP @ 1:37. lol, was i the only one who caught that?