Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ronald Belisario "If God wants to, I will be back in the USA"

Ronald Belisario got his first save last night for the Bravos.

Yesterday I gave you a winter league update on Jerry Sands. {linked here}

Here's another winter league update. This time with Ronald Belisario. He's pitching in Venezuela for the Bravos de Margarita. Guess who's the manager? Don Baylor.

As you already know, Belisario hasn't pitched with the Dodgers since 2010 because of visa problems. I've been reading newspapers from Venezuela and fan forums of the Bravos and he is mostly known for being a drinker more than being a pitcher.

A few weeks ago I told you that Belisario said he was going to save 20 games for the Bravos. {linked here} Well the season just started and he already has one save.

Belisario has pitched two games. He has three strikeouts in two innings.

Scouts in Venezuela are saying that Belisario has been throwing 95 mph and is looking good.

From Las Noticias de Cojedes. {linked here}

Según algunos reportes de scout, la recta del derecho está cercana a las 95 millas por hora, lo que significa que el talento aún está allí y por ello Belisario quiere regresar al beisbol organizado, donde no juega desde 2010. Su propio mánager Don Baylor, ha dicho que desea ayudarlo a regresar.

“No hemos hablado sobre eso, pero dentro de poco lo haremos. Si Dios quiere voy a volver a Estados Unidos”, expresó el pitcher. “El brazo está fuerte”, dijo entre risas.

Translation -

Reports from scouts are saying that he has been throwing 95 mph, which means the talent is still there and Belisario wants to return to organized Baseball, where he hasn't played since 2010. His manager Don Baylor wants to help him return to the USA. 

"We haven't talked about that, but we will. If God wants to, I will be back in the United States. The arm is strong". 

God and Don Baylor will decide or help Belisario to return to the USA? I believe in God but sometimes you have to take responsibilities and blame yourself. For some reason, I don't think God will say "I'm not going to let Belisario return to the Dodgers".

Stop drinking and get your act together and fix your visa problems.

It seems every night is a celebration in Venezuela. Here's Belisario after the game. Hopefully that's punch.

Stats and pictures from Bravos site. {linked here}

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