Friday, October 14, 2011

New York Media "Let's just get Matt Kemp"

This is how the New York media works. "Oh if we suck next year, let's just get the best player available".

Here's Mike Francesa of WFAN (Sports radio station in NY) saying that if the Yankees outfield don't get it together next year, the Yanks will go after Matt Kemp.

Kemp is a free-agent after the 2012 season. Unless the Dodgers plans on signing him to a long term deal this winter to avoid other teams like the Yankees competing for him.

Can you imagine Kemp in a Yankees uniform? Sadly, I can imagine it. Not because he didn't want to be here but because the Dodgers fell asleep and Frank McCourt is still around. 


Koufax Kid said...

It will happen. I love Matt Kemp, but in the end it's about the $$. Even Steve Sax wore a Yanks uniform for a while.

Cindy said...

Does this amount to tampering??

jonathan said...

Na tampering is when it comes from the organization. This is just some nut

tonyZ said...

Of course he'll be wearing pinstripes. You really think L.A. will give him a close to $200 mil contract?