Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm going to miss the 1981 Dodgers reunion

I'm going to miss the 1981 Dodgers reunion at Frank & Son Collectible Show this Saturday. Hard to believe since I've been excited about this show since June.

No worries. I have a friend that will be going so I will still get the items that I need signed.

I'll be in Palm Springs this weekend.

I've mentioned before that my wife is a High School Math teacher in Los Angeles. The principal of the school is sending a few math teachers to the California Mathematics Council in Palm Springs this weekend. It's a two day event.

So why can't I go to the '81 Dodgers reunion? Well the principal told my wife that she has already booked the hotel and that I can go along with the baby. How cool is that?

While my wife is listening to a bunch of Math people, I'll be with my son enjoying the sun of Palm Springs.

If you do go to Frank & Son this Saturday, send me a e-mail. I'm always interested in knowing how things went.


crzblue said...

No bueno that I am going to miss it too :-(. God willing, I am leaving to AZ very early Thursday morning for the SABR AFL conference. I am not feeling well but I hope to be better by Thursday morning.

Roberto Baly said...

Emma, wish you the best. Take your vitamins!

Judy_Judy_Judy said...

Knowing how important this event is to's really sweet of you accompany your wife to Palm Spring. This era of the Dodgers was the BEST! Enjoy your weekend with your family!

Roberto Baly said...

Thanks Judy! Family is first. :)

ThinkBlueSucka said...

all that money for autographs.. most of these guys will be in autograph ally during the season.. there are only a few that are hard to get..