Monday, October 24, 2011

Dodgers Lower Season-Ticket Prices for 2012

E-mail from the Dodgers -

Dear Season Ticket Holder,

The Dodgers are lowering ticket prices and adding new benefits for season ticket holders in the Field, Loge, Club, Reserve, Left Field Pavilion, Right Field Pavilion, and Top Deck sections of the stadium for the 2012 season. From exclusive early entry to view Dodger batting practice to playing catch on the field after select games during the season, you will experience a season to remember!

Join us as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Dodger Stadium and enjoy unforgettable moments with your family and friends - all at a lower price.

They did lower the prices. I guess they really want the fans to return. Like I said before, I will always be at Dodger Stadium no matter what happens. I don't care if we are in last place. I'm a Dodger fan. Not a front-runner. But I know most of you are boycotting until Frank McCourt leaves.

I had to laugh at this comment from the Dodgers.

From Ken Gurnick's article earlier this morning on {linked here}

"A lot of factors got us to our pricing, but feedback directly from fans is at the forefront," said David Siegel, senior director of ticket sales. "You can't ignore the fact the California economic climate is a factor. We decided changes needed to be made and we made adjustments. At the end of the day, it's about our fans."

Seriously? Blaming the economy? I thought the economy was bad in California for the last five years or so? 3 million fans still came. Dodger fans didn't come this year because let's face it, most only come when the Dodgers are winning and the other reason is because of the boycott. I wonder why Siegel didn't mention McCourt?

Let's see what the fans do now with the reduced prices. Will they come or stay at home?

I like all of the following -

The Dodgers currently offer one of the lowest entry points in Major League Baseball for season-ticket holders at $5 per seat in the Top Deck, matching the price of those tickets two decades ago. The $16 Preferred Field Box offering is the lowest in 10 years, the $10 Preferred Loge Box plan is the lowest in 16 years and the $6 Reserve option is the lowest in 24 years. 

Several additional benefits will be offered to 2012 season-ticket holders, including the opportunity to enter the stadium one hour before the general public to watch Dodgers batting practice. Season-ticket holders will also be able to play catch on the field with friends and family after select games. 

Additional amenities for season-ticket holders include a VIP card that will allow holders access to all levels of the ballpark from the Top Deck to the Field Level. Holders of nearly all Field Level season seats between first and third base will also receive a complimentary Stadium Club membership to use throughout the season. And prices for the two exhibition games at the end of Spring Training will be cut in half.

Nice. I like the opportunity of entering the stadium one hour before the general public to watch Dodgers batting practice. That's great.

So what are you going to do? Renew your season tickets? Wait and see what happens to Frank McCourt?


Level Season Price Advance Price* Savings
Field Box VIP $80 $115 30%
Field Box MVP $70 $115 39%
Infield Box $50 $80 38%
Preferred Field VIP $30 $55 45%
Preferred Field Box $16 $40 60%
Loge VIP - Front Row $69 $95 27%
Loge Box VIP $55 $80 31%
Loge Box MVP $45 $65 31%
Infield Loge Box - Front Row $45 $65 31%
Infield Loge Box $34 $55 38%
Preferred Loge Box - Front Row $28 $38 26%
Preferred Loge Box Value - Front Row $14 $38 63%
Preferred Loge Box $15 $28 46%
Preferred Loge Box Value $10 $28 64%
Loge WC $10 $20 50%
Club $44 $64 31%
Infield Reserve - Front Row $20 $38 47%
Infield Reserve $15 $28 46%
Infield Reserve Value $10 $28 64%
Lower Reserve $8 $20 60%
Reserve WC $8 $20 60%
Reserve $6 $16 63%
LF Pavilion VIP $11 $20 45%
LF Pavilion $9 $17 47%
AYCE Pavilion VIP $26 $34 24%
AYCE Pavilion $24 $30 20%
Top Deck - Front Row $8 $16 50%
Top Deck $5 $10 50%
* Prices reflect Sunday - Thursday games


@Jrrific said...

so many colors!!!!! -___-
but glad the prices went down!

Eye On LA Sports said...

I wonder what the Dodgers will do with the parking situation, they normally open the doors like 10 minutes before the team finishes batting practice . . . . but if I buy a season ticket will they let me in earlier than others even though I park outside?

jmk said...

Is the "Reserve WC" and "Loge WC" section the new Water Closet section? Will Call? What does that WC mean?! WIll it matter what they charge if the McCourt Monster is still the owner in 2012? Will it matter if Kemp and Kershaw aren't signed long term?