Monday, October 31, 2011

Dodger Stadium 50th Anniversary Logo

Are the Dodgers going to be wearing this patch next year? Maybe.

This is the Dodger Stadium 50th anniversary logo.

Pretty cool but no love for the right and left field pavilions.

Thanks to Charles for the picture.


dodgerfan93 said...

are they selling them

NicJ said...

If you look closely you can almost see Frank cleaning out his office.

NSBZero said...

"... no love for the Pavillions, though."

As a Dodger fan who cut his teeth in the Pavillions growing up, I like the patch because it is the view from the Pavillion. Would've been nice if they could've thrown the pavillion roof design towards the bottom of the logo, though, as if the "camera angle" was just above the roofs in CF.