Friday, October 7, 2011


Former Dodger Russell Martin was disappointing in this series.

I'm not a Yankee hater like most Dodger fans. I can care less if they win or lose. I just want to see a good game and last night was exciting. How about A-Rod ending the game with a strikeout?

I've been hearing sports radio WFAN New York and they are talking as if the world is going to end!

"We need another power hitter"

"We need to get Matt Kemp!"

"We need another ace!"

Yes Yankees, you NEED EVERYTHING. Get your payroll all the way up too $300 million.

Sometimes it's just not about the money.

Congratulations Detroit Tigers. Looking forward to a great series against the Texas Rangers.

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714 DODGER said...

lol... that's funny ; )