Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Congrats Jerry Sands! Now can you get rid of your Yankees beanie?

I'm happy for Jerry Sands. He is getting married next month with his lovely girlfriend Morgan. The big day is November 19. They will be tying the knot in North Carolina.

Here's a picture of the couple.

Now can someone get a Dodger beanie for Jerry? I don't approve his New York Yankees beanie.

Pix sent anonymous.


Erik Rizo said...

Horrible.... Seriously? What is he thinking? Bad gesture especially it being a Yankee hat over any other teams the only thing worst would be him rocking a Giants hat.

If you guys didn't know I'm talking about his beanie/hat not his wife to be.

ThinkBlueSucka said...

whhhaaaatttt! is this a sign of things to come. why would he wear that im sure the dodgers will give him a free one! maybe not right now cause it might be to expensive for frank to pay $14.99 for a beanie but im sure sooner or later they can hook a brotha up!

js65 said...

I'm pretty sure this pic was taken before he was drafted!!