Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Andre Ethier - L.A. Confidential Magazine

Pix - Giuliano Bekor

Andre Ethier is featured in the October 2011 issue of "Los Angeles Confidential Magazine".

Ethier takes his suits seriously....

From the magazine. {linked here}

Ethier’s personal haberdasher, Aaron Benami, takes 30 specific measurements in order to achieve the perfect fit, and has even delivered the finished suits to the Dodger Stadium locker room. “We take the stress out of shopping for Andre,” says Benami. “[We do] everything from coming to him to place his order to bringing him the suits pressed and ready to go within six weeks.” The athlete wears suits from the Nobility line, which means each contains more than 2,400 stitches. Sweat guards, Bemberg silk lining in the jackets and a personalized nameplate are all custom details. Typically Ethier has his first and last name embroidered inside his jackets, but Benami adds another special touch: “His last name is monogrammed under the collar of his jacket. I told him it’s not something people will see, but you’ll know we did this for you.”

The magazine is on sale now.

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Rob said...

That suit actually looks pretty damned awesome, and I'm not much of a fan of the form. I expect some of that is because the shirt collar is a bit higher than usual.