Monday, October 3, 2011

AM 570 & Vic "The Brick" has a message for you

I posted this news a few weeks ago but here's new video from AM 570, the new radio home for the Dodgers.

I'm actually happy over this move. The Dodgers leave KABC 790 where all they talk about is how terrible the President is.

Now they will be at a all sports radio station. I'm hoping better and longer coverage for the Dodgers. How about a longer pre-game show? What's up with only 30 minutes? I know the Angels have about a 2 hour show before the first pitch.

I'm also hoping Joe Block and Josh Suchon return. I like those guys.

Message from Vic "The Brick" -

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Jezabelle said...

I agree. I hate that Dodger Talk is so short. On the other hand, AM 570 is my favorite radio station because I love Petros and Mony. Their show will definitely be preempted for Dodger Badeball. But overall, such an upgrade. The Dodgers deserve to be on an all sports format.

As for Joe and Josh, I definitely want Josh to come back, but I hope Ken is tired of Seattle and comes back to host DodgerTalk.