Friday, September 23, 2011

Hello Yaz! Matt Kemp looking towards the Triple Crown

Hello Carl Yastrzemski!

Yaz was the last player to earn a Triple Crown. It happened in 1967. 

Matt Kemp keeps on hitting. He hit his 37th home run during the 7th inning in front of his mom. He's 3 home runs away from 40 and joining the 40/40 club. But forget about 40/40 for a minute. This man is on a mission towards the Triple Crown!


.329 Jose Reyes
.329 Ryan Braun
.325 Matt Kemp

37 Matt Kemp
37 Albert Pujols
35 Dan Ugla
35 Prince Fielder

119 Matt Kemp
113 Prince Fielder
113 Ryan Howard

5 games to go!

Can we go back to Washington and play that postponed game? :)

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KersheyBar said...

haha I was thinking the same thing about that game in Washington