Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dodgertown Links: Rod Barajas has a kid, it's Dee Gordon! Plus other news

Matt Kemp hits his last homer of the 2011 season...

Sorry for not posting at all. I got this flu that doesn't want to go away.

I did see the Dodger game last night. Even though Matt Kemp came away 1 home run short from joining the 40/40 club it's still a great feat.

Oh yes, I was watching about 4 games last night at the same time. It was amazing. Congrats to the Cardinals and Rays for advancing. 

News around the web!

Video - Rod Barajas has a kid, it's Dee Gordon! (Thanks to Lilly for the video)

  • Wasn't last night one of the best Baseball nights ever? {Joe Blogs}
  • Matt Kemp finished 1st in Home Runs and RBI's in N.L. {}
  • O wow, Matt Kemp did not win player of the month for September. {Dodger Thoughts}
  • Kenley Jansen broke the all-time strikeout rate record. {Hardball Talk}
  • Former Dodger Milton Bradley arrested again. {L.A. Times
  • Hong-Chi Kuo might open a restaurant in Taiwan if he retires. {}

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