Friday, September 23, 2011

Dodgertown Links: MLB asks judge to order sale of Dodgers. Plus other news!

Tommy Lasorda had a blast in the dugout.

Weekend series in San Diego....

News around the web!
  • Tony Jackson explains how the MVP voting system works. {ESPN L.A.}
  • Why did Kemp's Triple Crown pursuit go unnoticed for so long? {Dodger Thoughts}
  • Dee Gordon laying claim to Dodgers shortstop job {}


jonathan said...

I'm sick of l.a haters if its not the lakers its the dodgers. They wana take credit away from Kershaw for pitching in a pitchers park half the time . Y Dnt they give more props to Kemp for hitting 37+ homers playing in a pitchers park . It Dnt matter were u play u can't deny Kershaws Ks and u can't deny Kemp batting that good unprotected. Give credit were credit is due . Yea we are in third place but these individual performances are more then worthy of the awards. If Kemp doesn't win the Mvp and shaw doesn't win the cy then they have to rename those awards

jonathan said...

Whose with me? Sorry had to vent a bit