Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dodgertown Links: Lasorda, Stow, McCourt, Jansen, Federowicz

News around the web!

  • Happy Birthday Tommy Lasorda. He will be in the dugout tonight. {linked here}
  • Dodgers bullpen coach Mike Borzello is comparing Kenley Jansen's cutter to Mariano Rivera? {}
  • I have to agree with Jon. These last weeks of the season have been fun. {Dodger Thoughts}
  • The 'Sons of Steve Garvey' writes about the 2011 Dodgers for Yahoo! {Big League Stew
  • Manny Ramirez can't play winter ball because of suspension in MLB. Now wants to seek reinstatement. {ESPN}

1 comment:

jonathan said...

What is it 3 dbls and a Jack? Great day at the ball park. Four more to go