Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dodgers vs Giants (2012 Schedule)

I've been searching all over the net on any info to the 2012 Dodgers schedule. I can't find anything but info on the Yankees and Red Sox. It seems to me the American League East will be playing against the National League East in Interleague. I'm assuming the Dodgers won't be visiting Yankee Stadium in 2012.

MLB will be releasing the 2012 schedule for all 30 teams soon. If I have to guess, it will be sometime this week.

Andrew Baggarly of the Mercury News has the 2012 Giants schedule. (Tentative, nothing official) {linked here}

Let's take a look at when the Giants face the Dodgers.

Monday May 7      Dodger Stadium
Tuesday May 8      Dodger Stadium
Wednesday May 9 Dodger Stadium

Monday June 25      AT&T Park
Tuesday June 26      AT&T Park
Wednesday June 27 AT&T Park

Friday July 27         AT&T Park
Saturday July 28     AT&T Park
Sunday July 29       AT&T Park

Monday August 20      Dodger Stadium
Tuesday August 21      Dodger Stadium
Wednesday August 22 Dodger Stadium

Friday September 7      AT&T Park
Saturday September 8  AT&T Park
Sunday September 9    AT&T Park

Monday October 1      Dodger Stadium
Tuesday October 2      Dodger Stadium
Wednesday October 3 Dodger Stadium (Final game of the 2012 season)

Let me know if you find any other dates. I have a feeling the Dodgers are going to face the A.L. West in Interleague.


Spiegel83 said...

No weekend homegames against the Giants? That's odd.

no said...

we dont need weekend home games VS the Soon to be Ex world CHampions