Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dodgers send survey - "Are you not renewing because of McCourt?"

Another survey!

This funny. And weird too!

The Dodgers actually want to know that if you don't renew your season tickets, is it because of ownership? Ah really? What makes you think fans might not renew because of the owner?

The Dodgers have been sending e-mails to season ticket holders asking various questions.

Survey from the Dodgers -

First and second question -

Overall, how SATISFIED are you with your Dodgers season ticket experience?
Extremely satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
Somewhat dissatisfied
Extremely dissatisfied
How likely are you to RENEW your season ticket package next season (2012)?
Definitely will renew
Probably will renew
Not sure yet
Probably will not renew
Definitely will not renew


Now if you vote that you are not happy and you're not going to renew, your next question will be the following -

Which of the following are leading to your uncertainty on renewing your season ticket package? (Please select all that apply)
Personal schedule
Team performance
Other (Please specify)

Click here to view the survey.

What's the purpose of this survey? Let's say 90% of those that participate in this survey say they are not renewing because of ownership. Are they going to go to Frank McCourt and tell him "Hey Frank, many are not renewing because of you and we have proof since we did a survey".

Is McCourt going to care? Will he see this survey and say "I guess I have to sell the team". Does he not know already that most fans are upset? 

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Andrew L. Kubasek said...

I'm guessing McCourt's gonna use it to skew the numbers.

For example, let's assume that only, say, fifty percent of people actually respond to these surveys, and that half of those responding admit that McCourt is the reason they're not renewing. Well, then McCourt could declare that he's "only" responsible for "25%" of people renewing, but that 75% of those not renewing for other reasons and were perfectly satisfied with his ownership.

He's done things like this before. I'm not fooled.