Thursday, September 1, 2011

Can Matt Kemp get to 40/40?

It's a new month and Matt Kemp is on a mission to 40/40!

Can he do it? 27 games are left for the Dodgers.

17 on the road.
10 at home.

5 against the Pirates.
3 against the Braves.
4 against the Nationals.
6 against the Giants.
6 against the Diamondbacks.
3 against the Padres.

Kemp's current stats - .320 31 HR 102 RBI's 35 SB

Kemp needs 9 homers and 5 stolen bases to reach 40/40. I'm sure he can get those 5 stolen bases. The difficult part will be hitting 9 homers in 27 games. The good thing is that the majority of those games will be on the road.

Good luck Matt!

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