Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tommy Lasorda "I want to get the fans back"

Tommy Lasorda attended the Harold Pump Foundation gala last night. {linked here}

Ellie Seckbach interviews him.

Lasorda "All I know is what I read on the paper. I've been with the Dodgers 62 years. All I'm concerned is with the fans. We have the greatest baseball fans in the country and I want to get them back. We will do it".

Weird interview. Then Lasorda asks Ellie "How do you pitch to that guy". And the camera turns and it's Mini-Me, Verne Troyer!

Video -


Rob said...

Yes, the fans will come back, but only after Frank McCourt no longer owns the team.

714 DODGER said...

Tommy say's how do you pitch to that guy? Tommy say's you pitch him low! lmao...