Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tiger Electronics Used Tommy Lasorda's Brain for Super Data Blaster

What a cool video from the 90's. Just posted on YouTube.

Tommy Lasorda endorsing a MLB Super Data Blaster from Tiger Electronics. Yes! "Super Data Blaster". This was before the Internet exploded.

After watching this video, it reminded me that I actually own a Super Data Blaster. But first with the video -

I guarantee you that Lasorda will never say "Hey boys, want a autograph?" in real life. No way!

The Super Data Blaster gave you stats. It was like having Ross Porter next to you. It was one of the coolest things from the mid 90's. I went to my closet to look for it....

Here it is! Not sure if it works. Need to get some batteries.



Unknown said...

Yeah... Definitely won't hear "Hey boys, want an autograph?" My friends and I saw Tommy at spring training, driving around in his golf cart. This was well after the major league players had left, and we were watching some low minors catchers work on taking throws and blocking the plate. There were no other fans around. We asked Tommy to sign something for us, and he said "Not today, boys, I've got places to be!" Then he drove his cart into the outfield, parked and took a nap.

Roberto Baly said...

Funny. Next time when you go to Spring Training, go on the weekend. He will set up a table by the gates and sign autographs.

"Authentic Signings!" said...

HAHA How funny is that. I used to have a Super Data Blaster. That brought me back. Thanks for postin' that up. Just wished i would have kept it. Though i was just a child back than so toys get broken and lost. Ooop!

Roberto Baly said...

Thanks for reading. Yeah when I saw the video on YouTube it brought some memories. I was more surprised that I found it!