Sunday, August 14, 2011

Signings Recaps - Kemp, Gywnn & Cey

Pictures/Stories from the appearances that a couple of Dodgers made yesterday. 

E-mail from Diana -

My little sister and I had an amazing time waiting to see our mvp, Matt Kemp today at living spaces. He was so nice, humble, funny and made sure everyone in line got autographs. We even got to meet Dave Stewart and got his autograph as well. Today was a good day!   Diana

E-mail from Junior -

First I want to say thank you for all you do.

The signing was great!! Very organized and well thought out. He didn't take pictures with anyone and he inscribed whatever it was you wanted on your item. There was no cutting in line and from the looks of things, he signed everyone in line. You even had a chance of getting a second item signed. This has to be one of the best experiences I've had. Way better then the Kershaw experience .

Thanks for the work your do.


E-mail from Wagner -

Since I woke up late for the Kemp Autograph signing and saw your post about not even bothering to go, I went to Ron Cey's signing at Citywalk. Lucky for me since I work up there, I was able to bypass the line. I got him to sign my bobblehead.
I heard that most people had been there since 10am. He was real nice, he was actually signing more than 1 item. 
Everyone working the event wasn't all pushy like when you go to Metro PCS or any other place. Well organized. 
Thank you for the heads up on autograph signings.
Hope all is well with your baby.

E-mail from Tina -

My son has Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis and is in a wheelchair, stuff like this totally makes his day, week, month! They even let him take a pic. My daughter and I had magazines for an autograph but I didn't want to be greedy since they let my son and Mom in line. We went to Panera Bread next and there was Matt Kemp talking to my son, then he came in line behind us. He is the nicest and most down to Earth guy. He talked to us and told us he was talking to my son outside, he acted like he was going to take our bagels, which my Mom replied "GO AHEAD". We let him know that we are big Dodger fans, we were at the game Monday, 7 of us, and took my 81 year old Grandmother and her 82 year old sister. We get there early and NEVER leave until the game is over. We have fun whether we win or lose. Dodger Blue forever!

E-mail from Sal -

Early bird gI'm super beat! But it was super worth it!et the autograph. Both Matt Kemp and Tony Gwynn Jr. I'm super beat! But it was super worth it!

E-mail from Paul -

Showed up to Matt Kemp at 11pm and finished and out the door by 11:15am. Went to Gwynn at 11:45am now getting ready for the game tonight, cool thing Dave Stewart signed my ball. I caught him sitting in a couch at living spaces!!! Man I love my team..

Sorry Paul, I wasn't able to rotate this picture. But great items!

E-mail from Howard -

Hi Roberto,

We got there around 3:20 and there was around 200 people there already, but it was better than the Kershaw signing. They only gave 300 wrist bands. Matt showed up late (10:30) but it was cool because we where all happy to see him and the line went fast. Over all it was a good signing. 

-Howard S.

E-mail from Sammy -

Hello Roberto,

I don't have any pictures. I forgot my camera. I went to the Matt Kemp appearance. I do want to thank you for all the updates you give us. I can't afford a trip to Camelback Ranch for Spring Training or get autographs at Card Shops. My only way to obtain signatures is the free events and because of you my collection has grown a bit. Thank you!


Thanks everyone! Great pictures. Glad everyone had a good time. I do have to say that I'm shocked that many people went to see Matt Kemp. The reason I'm surprised is because Kemp signs autographs all the time! But I understand some of you can't make it to the park that often.

Thanks for reading!


Freddy said...

"Fresh and Easy"

Dodgerbobble said...

So many people told me how excited they were to meet Dave Stewart on Saturday. I hope he shows up to Matt's August 26 appearance as well.

ThinkBlueSucka said...

LMAO that was so funny, my wife was so confused! i have pictures of her checking her hand that she wrote "Retro fresh" on in front of Matt Kemp.. lol good times!