Wednesday, August 3, 2011

San Diego Trip - Dodgers vs Padres

San Diego is one of my favorite cities. I try to make it to Petco Park at least once a year when the Dodgers visit. For some odd reason, I haven't gone back since 2008.

I use to go often when my wife was in college. There's so much to do there. It's not just about going to the game.

I went with my friend Jason last Monday to catch the Dodgers/Padres game at Petco Park. You might remember Jason from his "Bat Boy" game in Camelback Ranch. {linked here}

We left from the O.C. area at 10 a.m. and arrived in San Diego before noon. No traffic at all.

Parked in front of Petco Park. $10 bucks all day! That's Jason with his #18 Hiroki Kuroda jersey.


Seeing Billingsley getting a snack and Casey Blake walking around with his family and drinking a coffee got us hungry. Plus seeing Juan Rivera and his hot girlfriend drinking didn't hurt either.

We decided to walk to the Gaslamp District {linked here} and eat lunch. Which is a minute walk away.

Went inside the Hard Rock hotel and saw this...


Shakiraaaaaaa! Stop singing in English and go back to your Spanish Rock/Red hair look!

San Diego Convention Center.


Check out Chuck Jones gallery.


We ate at Burger Lounge. {linked here}


Great choice! Check out this burger. It was amazing.


We saw a couple of Dodgers eating at the Gaslamp district. It's a great area to hang out. But I would not disturb them. I don't think it's cool to bug them for a autograph when they are eating or hanging with family.

After lunch we went back to Petco Park.

Here's Don Mattingly.


Andre Ethier talking to the fans. Had some interesting words toward the Dodgers situation. Not happy with his contract. Jason was shocked. He literally cried.


Don't worry Jason. Good times are ahead.

Go Car.


Jamey Carroll - The kid with the blue shirt came from Kentucky with his brother and parents. Nice to see Dodger fans coming from far away places.


We did that for a while and went back to Gaslamp. Horton Plaza to be exact.


Not sure what happened to this plaza. But it's not the same as a few years ago.

Gaslamp District -

Isn't it great to have this type of neighborhood next your stadium? Dodger Stadium has nothing. You get in, you get out as fast as you can. Here in San Diego you can spend the whole day eating, drink, shop before and after the game. It's awesome.


Went back to Petco Park. It was getting close to 4:30 p.m. That's when you are allowed to get inside the stadium. But only to watch Batting Practice from "The Beach".

What a view!


Video -

Rick Vaughn watched BP -


Matt Kemp giving a Baseball to a fan.


Unlike Dodger Stadium, you get the playbill upon entering Petco Park. Bigger too! 62 pages.


You can watch the game on this huge screen behind Center Field.


In 2003 the Padres announced that 10,000 bricks were going to be installed at Petco Park when it opens in 2004. I participated in the brick program. My brick was to say "Roberto Baly, Dodger fan forever". It was rejected by the Padres.

This was my other choice.


Whenever you go to Petco Park, you can see my brick at the Palm Court Plaza. I actually have a very funny story in regards to this brick. One where my mom made fun of me. I'll post that tomorrow.

This is the view from inside the Padres gift shop.


Went inside the stadium.

Video - Hiroki Kuroda swimming.

Kuroda throwing a ball towards me. I missed it.


Andre Ethier -


Steve Lyons -


Ethier signing autographs -


Video -

Matt Kemp at the beach.


Jason got great seats. Section 116. We sat for the first 5 innings.

Video -

After the 5th inning, we left and walked around Petco Park.

You need to check this out when you visit Petco.


The Padres do a great job in honoring the Military.

Video -

Video -

This is behind "The Beach". It's a park where fans can hang out and watch the game from the big screen. You can lay in the grass and let your kids run around.

Kids can play baseball too. I can't wait to take my son and let him take some swings when he's older.


Another view -

Orlando Hudson hits a homer against Clayton Kershaw. Fireworks!

Dodgers win. Great night. I might just go back this September with the family when the Dodgers visit.

Big thanks to Jason and all the fans that said hello! One lady said "You're that Vin Scully guy?" and I said "No, I'm Roberto". :)

Never been to Petco Park? You should go!


JJ said...

Awesome. I grew up in LA basically living at Dodger Stadium during summer and have never been to Petco. Will have to check it out. I now live in Denver and have been to Coors Field plenty to see the Azul when they come to town and it is very cool as well...

gcrl said...

nice report! i miss driving to sandy eggo to see dodger games. even in the mid to late '90's at the murph it was a blast. easy in and out as well. i'll have to make it back to check out petco someday.