Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Picture of a Grumpy Lasorda

As I mentioned last Monday, Tommy Lasorda went crazy in Rancho Cucamonga. I did receive many comments. You might want to read it and share your experiences in meeting Lasorda. {linked here}

Here's a e-mail from Scott -

Hey Roberto, love your blog. I'm a lifelong dodger fan from Indiana. Just moved out here a few years ago and enjoying being in dodger country. I just started going to signings about a year ago and your site has been very helpful. Thought I might as well take the opportunity to meet my heroes from the past. I was really excited about meeting Tommy for the first time. I was actually the one in the front of the line when tommy found out he couldn't stop signing at 5:00 and watch the game. Like everyone said, the f bombs started. As you can see, I have a nice action shot of a ball being thrown back at me. My wife has a few if him yelling, but you get the idea of what happened. I couldn't have been more disappointed. The good news is that Orel Hershiser and Fernando Valenzuela were so nice when I met them. So most of my heroes lived up to my expectations. Anyway, keep up the great work.


Thanks Scott! Nice shot of Lasorda. Scary! I hope your autograph didn't get smeared since Lasorda rolled it back.


jonathan said...

That is borderline hilarious. Not a smart move by tommy especially a few days b4 his wine tasting event

gododger5 said...

I must speak up once more and say not everyones experience that day was bad. I got there early and baked! I don't mind the sun at all or sweat. But one thing I learned is if you really want that autograph you better get there early! You never know what can happen. I did see people in line cutting and last second they get in like 5 kids but I ain't gonna knock someones hussle. You know who you are! Hahahhaa. Walking up I seen tommy rolling baseballs to people. Maybe its because they weren't reaching over or maybe its for you ebayers. I wouldn't have mind though I would have had a story to tell and kept my ball regardless "I took a grounder from tommy". When I walked up I handed him my item and said a FEW words WHILE he was signing and made the man the legend LAUGH. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? He actually laughed that day. Thanked him and shook his super osteo-arthritis hand. When I stepped to the side the national anthem began tommy wobbled up and started singing it still in a good mood (maybe from what I told him) he was taking pictures wit some lil girls and talking to them. But it got me to thinking at dodgers stadium in autograph alley they cut autos before the game even in viva los dodgers maybe tommy was expecting that? Not to justify his actions or language. Jus a lil food for thought. Thanks for reading my life story. GO DODGERS! THE END.