Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Mom hates the Petco Park brick

I wrote last week I was going to tell you a funny story where my own mom makes fun of my brick. As I mentioned last week, I participated in the Petco Park brick program in 2003. Click here to read the story.

Here's the brick at Petco Park.


I also received a replica that's currently in my room.


Nice, right? So my mom sees this brick and starts asking me questions. I tell her that the San Diego Padres built a new ballpark and they did a brick program where fans can purchase bricks and have a message in the brick so everyone can see.

I tell her that this brick is the replica. You can see my brick in Petco Park. Then she asks me how much all this cost. I tell her how much I paid and she starts laughing. She basically thinks I have wasted money in crap.

I honestly don't exactly remember how much I paid. This was 7 years ago. I'm betting around $250 bucks.

The next day she tells me, "If you really wanted a brick, you should have asked me. Have this one for free".

And my mom gives me this brick.


I started laughing. She actually went to the backyard and grabbed a sharpie and wrote my exact message. :)

Petco Park is not the only ballpark that did brick programs. A couple of other ballparks have done the same thing and yes, I also participated in those. I just haven't told my mom. Don't want her to make fun of me again. :) 


Atee88DodgerLovR said...

yea moms are cool like that. my mom prob. would have told me the same thing. Give mom a hug for me!

Roberto Baly said...

lol Thanks! :)