Monday, August 15, 2011

Matt Kemp talks about Rihanna and 40/40

Matt Kemp was on the Dan Patrick show this morning. He spoke at length about the team and the disappointing season.

"We can't blame what's going on in the front office or what's going on off-the field. We have to do our job."

Some of the questions that were asked -

Dan Patrick - You want to stay there with the Dodgers?

Matt Kemp - Oh yes of course. This is the team that gave me the chance to come up and let me shine. Gave me a chance to play in the big leagues and you know L.A. is a great city. All my friends are there and it's a great organization.

Dan Patrick - How important is it to go 30/30?

Matt Kemp - It would be an accomplishment for me. I definitely would love to go 30/30 and win at the same time.

Dan Patrick - Would you get a 30/30 tattoo?

Matt Kemp - (laughs) I don't know if I would get a 30/30 tattoo.

Dan Patrick - Most expensive car in the players parking lot?

Matt Kemp - (laughs) We have a couple. We have a Royce Rolls.

Dan Patrick - Who drives a Royce Rolls?

Matt Kemp - I'm not going to put every body's business down the street. 

Dan Patrick - What are you driving?

Matt Kemp - I'm not going to tell you. Don't want any stalkers.

Dan Patrick - How did Rihanna help your game?

Matt Kemp - She didn't know too much about Baseball. I had to teach her. She was somebody who was a really hard worker. Helped me motivate me.

Dan Patrick - You thought about getting married?

Matt Kemp - We were dating, she was my girlfriend.

Dan Patrick - If her song comes up in the radio, do you turn it off or up?

Matt Kemp - I'm a big fan of hers. I love her music.

Hear the entire interview. {linked here}

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